History behind Paper and Some Cool Paper Die Cutting Ideas

If you are buying a paper die cutting machine to entertain your paper crafting hobby then you probably would wonder about the origins of paper and how the art of paper crafting received so much popularity?

History of Paper:

The most basic origins of paper go all the way back to a plant known as Cyperus Papyrus. Roughly 5000 years ago, Egyptians tinkered with this plant and extracted out a material from it that could help them in writing text. They called the material “papyrus”.  This material had a distinctive property of only surviving in dry conditions hence the work on papyrus paper gained recognition only in countries with dry weathers. This limited its position as a general world wide solution.

Thus, people continued trying to find another medium to write on especially those living in humid climates. They got a breakthrough through animal hunting. While hunting animals for food, humans found out that skin of a bovine animal can be used to create a material known as parchment. Parchment become more famous than papyrus as it could survive in different conditions.

However, paper as we see today was invented in China some 2100 years ago. Chinese were experimenting on different kinds of material that could help them in writing text but each material was ineffective. Some were too costly and some had production issues. Finally, a Chinese Official known as Cai Lun succeeded and learnt to make pulp from a plant that resulted in the invention of modern day paper.

Cool Paper Die Cutting Ideas:

Here are some cool ideas that you can do with your paper die cutting machine.

  • Experimenting origami art. Origami refers to a popular Japanese paper art that involves making designs of different real life objects. You can use your paper die cutting machine to form stylish paper designs and fold them to show your family and friends the most visually aesthetic origami.
  • You can make memories of your adventures by creating a visually aesthetic collage using your machine. That collage can contain your photo and objects from your adventures.
  • You can also create a design to decorate it on your pen holders.
  • One of the most popular applications of a paper die cutting machine is the creation of a hanging paper flower. People make these designs to decorate their rooms with different types of flower designs.
  • Did you just dropped your wallet somewhere and are tired to go out and buy a new one? You don’t have to worry if you have a paper die cutting machine. With it, you can form your own customized wallet.
  • Why spend cash on envelopes every time when you can create your own envelopes? With a paper die cutting machine, you will be able to cut and create any design you like. Whether you want to give it a Game of Thrones’ Red Wedding theme on a wedding invitation or some other theme that you want to add, a paper die cutting machine will help you to apply your creativity on a number of things.

Certainly, reading all these cool ideas has now made up your mind to buy a paper die cutting machine. We are confident that Beek Graphic Trading and their machines will help you to make a full use of your creativity and have fun times.