6 Helpful Twitter Paid Advertising Tips

Like other social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter has become a really good platform for business promotions, advertising brands and connecting with the customers or generating leads through cold prospecting activity.

Companies can better connect with consumers through social sites including Twitter, which hold an informal tone and can be used quite creatively to deliver a different and alternative perspective opinion of your company.

Actually, brands are really pushing the boundaries with Twitter these days. Moreover we see huge corporations displaying a personality, personifying the meaning of ‘Tesco’, ‘Burger King’, and others who a few years ago would have steered clear of any ‘banter’ on social media, remaining professional at all times.

This even spills over into the B2B sector where businesses will interact, engage and essentially network. Of course it is real people and marketing executives, creatives performing this, but it is only a representation of the values passed through.

Furthermore, Twitter is one of the most authoritative social sites because of great control and proper check and balance. Here we are sharing some tips on how you can improve your paid advertising on Twitter.

  1. Believe in Content Quality

Whether it be a paid advertisement or normal campaign, content has the most value in terms of affecting the consumers and conveying a message. The tweets, promotional blurs, tags and short lines must be crafted with utmost care focusing the content quality and information. A typical promotional tweet rarely works as people look more for information, facts, stats and tips than promotions of the brands.

  1. Use Keywords in Tweets

Using keywords in tweets is helpful in many ways. It helps the users find relevant tweets, content or posts with keywords and the search engines may also notice the keywords for ranking and indexing. Moreover, when tweets are shared they carry the keywords that are actually the base of a brand. This way the campaigns become more effective and productive.

  1. Network with Relevant People

Twitter is a place where people of every kind, nature, taste and priorities come. You cannot focus everyone and it will be just waste of time. Rather, the Twitter profile should have relevant, professionally useful, bloggers, businessmen and other influencers who help you share the content and develop productive discussions regarding the brands, products and campaigns.

One of the most powerful and exciting features, from a marketing point of view, is the ability to target so specifically who your advert is potentially seen by. The use of ‘lookalike’ followers added so simply gives you the chance to undercut competitors directly, in regions which you want and of ages and genders most appropriate. This is a seriously effective lead generation tool.

  1. Engage Audience

Many bloggers and Twitter users fail to influence the users and followers. While many ordinary people get the limelight and fame overnight with their wit. This is where the strategy matters that how you engage the audience, offer them something to talk about your brand and make it easy in sharing. The more people you manage to engage; the more influence your advertisement will have.

  1. Tweet Links to Your Blog

This is utterly important for the advertisers to fully utilize Twitter. Whenever you update the blog posts, share the link via tweets in order to make it reach the maximum people and have more readers. Moreover, add catchy images and illustration-based photos as featured images for the blog in order to have more views and clicks on the tweet.

  1. Work for Twitter Trends

Twitter trend is something that defines what people have viewed the most in last few hours and what will be noticed or engage the Twitter users. The paid ads should focus on trends. If the posts, links, video or something shared from your platform ranks in Twitter trends, you may go viral and gain more visitors and more conversions.

Final Words

Twitter has more potential for advertisement and marketing than many people would often realise. The platform is certainly credible and offers great resources for paid and unpaid ads. If the strategy is devised with care and considering the following mentioned tips, it shall be effective. Remember to experiment and explore with everything adapted to your own businesses unique features and qualities. Try and stand out and represent your brand through something different and appealing. Trust the trial and error.

Don’t be afraid to spend a lot to find out the correct formula to continue to deliver the most impressive results over a larger period, not just this week, next week or even next month! A marketing manager is not here to fabricate numbers and sell an illusion to their own business hierarchy, they need to bring true benefits through quality traffic which is going to convert.