5 Tips for your First Trade Show Booth to be successful

Getting a positive return on investment from a trade show booth is tough, especially if you lack knowledge regarding what makes a booth successful.

The advantages of displaying your solutions at a trade show can exceed any growth or marketing strategy. Trillions of business deals are closed at trade shows annually, but it’s mostly the best and biggest show booths that end up getting the large share. You probably are wondering why?

Well, it seems as though these businesses have mastered the secret ingredient for networking at such events. But is it? According to one research, the success of a trade show is measured by the amount of effort that you want to invest in it. Here are five success tips for your first trade show booth:

First impression matters

You probably know this, but the first impression will determine how long your relationship with a prospect is going to be. The truth is people only need one-tenth of a second to have an opinion about you. The same scenario applies to brands – it takes only a fifth of a second for people to form an opinion of a website, and 94 percent of that is design-related. What we’re trying to imply here is that you should never leave your exhibit’s design to chance. A good idea would be to let professionals design custom trade show displays that will help you stand out.

Social proof yields trust

If you are looking for particular services for the first time, and notice that clients are flocking to one provider than their competitors, who would you go to? It’s only human to go where the majority is going. The same applies to trade show booths – when people see others engage with a brand; they’ll want to see what’s good about it. So, a good idea would be to bring your other employees to the show and have them hang around your booth but dressed like other people. But don’t forget to have a team available to interact with onlookers.

Include promotional giveaways

Take advantage of the fact that people love giveaways to extend the reach of your booth. Give out wearables, light up trinkets, big stickers and so on and convert it into a game. Something like “share our pictures on social media and stand a chance to win something” or “wear our promotional items and win,” and so on. The more attendees you get to wear your items, the more onlookers you’ll attract.

Pre-show booth meetings

Take advantage of your display to market yourself before the show – this is where the magic happens. Many organizations reach out to prospects four to six weeks pre-show. Organize meetings with these attendees at your booth before the show begins. Sometimes, it’s not about selling, but networking, so use this time to know about these people and also to collect phone numbers and email addresses.

Make it interactive

Make your solutions interactive so that people can feel engaged. While not every brand is easy to display, you should strive to ensure that your visitors can interact with your solution. This will stir interest and also help them to understand better what you’re offering.