Nine Awesome Benefits of Stackable Molded Stack Nest Totes and Bins

Reusable plastic bins and totes are quite beneficial in terms of warehousing and transporting products in open or closed loop systems. Also, they can be used to store and organize material s while work in manufacturing assembly applications is in progress. Plastic molded stack nest totes boast a design meant to stack atop each other for maximum use of space and nest each other if empty. This saves space for the production needs between uses. But, there are other benefits of molded stack nest totes over other alternatives like corrugated cardboard totes. These include the following:

Have Durable Construction

Molded stack nest totes and bins are heavy-duty and offer a long service life. Because you can use them many times, you can save money on them over the long haul. They are built with industrial-grade polymers which resist corrosion, rust, moisture, and impacts. Also, their walls will resist bending even if they are fully loaded.

Can be Recycled

These containers are recyclable at the end of their lifecycle. This means they can be made into useful products again instead of being delivered to the waste stream.

Helps Increase Production Efficiency

Manufacturing faculties can use these totes to organize parts, prevent them from migrating, reduce part handling, and help in taking control of inventories. All of these contribute to making production more efficient.

Perfect for Order Fulfilment

Molded stack nest totes can be used in all kinds of pick-and-pack applications to fulfill orders. They make picking applications easy and can be stacked before packing out and shipping orders.

Protect Contents Optimally

These totes and bins offer optimal protection for the items or products they hold. This is because of their strong construction and design which minimize the risk of parts migration. Learn more here.

Flexibility of Use

The containers can be used in automated storage and retrieval systems. This maximizes available cube for optimal efficiency.

They are Safe for Use

Plastic molded stack nest totes and bins are made of materials which meet the regulations of the FDA and USDA. This makes them safe for use in food processing. In fact, their overall construction and design can prove these totes are safe for use in various applications.

Have Pitched Drain Holes

The availability of these holes allows water to drain out and prevent the automated storage and retrieval system from collapsing in case sprinklers are set off. The majority of insurance carriers require this feature.

They are Customizable

The ability of these containers to be customized ensures that you can the specific product that fit your requirements and needs.